We offer a direct line to high quality media for commercial use. Any professional level photographer can participate. SkyCaféMix manages all rights globally so that it is finally possible to do projects in global digital media without worries.

By using primarily online payment and distribution systems, we keep costs down. Our aim is not to provide a free resource for bloggers to sell ads on our content. We aim to create a new 21st Century market for digital media direct from the artist, unencumbered by traditional barriers that waste time and opportunity.

Until now, individual photographers, musicians and filmmakers have had to run their own experiments, and this has led to a devaluing of quality. Our hope is that SkyCaféMix will provide an easy to understand and use format and achieve a strong, ongoing global business for our colleagues and customers.


Use the online purchase process (PayPal, which accepts credit cards), or send us an electronic wire transfer. No checks. Email us if your organization requires an invoice.

High Resolution versions are available for download after making the purchase.

If you are purchasing for a print publication that has a website, the photo may be used in one online version of the same article without additional fee.

We are willing to set up an account for repeat purchasers or customers who pay by invoice.

Please send a link if being used online, or the name, circulation and territory of the publication. Rights are nonexclusive unless otherwise negotiated.

Using media from this site means you agree to the Terms of Use.

Credit must be made to (c) Photographer Name / SkyCaféMix, or just SkyCaféMix if Anonymous. If an online publication, the credit should link to the SkyCaféMix website. Please send us a copy (PDF and permanent link) of the final page.

Journalists and Artists

If you want to be anonymous, ERASE YOUR METADATA! Puh-lease! Or we will do it for you.. however we think putting your name out into the world will get you more jobs. Please don’t send things that ask for trouble.

Feel free to send your clients to SkyCaféMix. We can make special accounts for trusted clients to easily download your and your buddies' work. We can also add links to your websites. Please ask if you want to host your portfolio / resume here.

There should be no problem with global usage. Rights will be negotiated by SkyCaféMix. Eventually we will have web-based tools allowing you to participate in the management.

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